Revolutionary Physical Therapy System Gives Paralyzed Patients New Hope

Sep 10

Revolutionary Physical Therapy System Gives Paralyzed Patients New Hope

“Thanks to the generosity of Gorbel Medical, Shannon McMannis — a patient of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center —  will not spend months or years in a wheelchair. The company’s SafeGait system helps individuals recover from orthopedic or neurological trauma, while reducing fall risks to patients and injuries to therapists. A suggestion from a Gorbel employee who watched her daughter’s painful rehabilitation from injuries sustained in a car accident led to the product’s development. The SafeGait system’s unique overhead, dynamic body-weight support system enables therapists to perform one-on-one treatment and collect patient progress data through hand-held wireless devices…”

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SafeGait is designed, developed and manufactured by Gorbel Medical (a division of Gorbel Inc.). Designed in collaboration with experts in PT and OT, SafeGait is Gorbel Medical’s patented technology that injects innovation into traditional gait and balance therapy. SafeGait’s Integrated Rail System and G-Force® technologies are based on almost 40 years of Gorbel’s patented technologies and innovations in designing, building and installing cranes, custom rails and safety solutions. Gorbel is a global leader in the industrial space and serves a wide range of industries.

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