Finding Balance and Giving Back: Gorbel® Medical Hosts Day of Learning for Rehabilitation Therapists

Apr 10

Finding Balance and Giving Back: Gorbel® Medical Hosts Day of Learning for Rehabilitation Therapists

Balance. It’s something we take for granted as we go about our day, walking from one room to another, or going down stairs, or getting on the floor to play with our kids. But if you or a loved one has been impacted by a stroke, traumatic brain or spinal cord injury or other experience that has serious debilitating consequences, then balance becomes something you think about all the time.

It was also the focus of a continuing education training course Gorbel Medical hosted as part of our commitment to knowledge translation recently at the Gaitway Center at our Fishers, NY facility. We accommodated 75 Physical Therapists/PT Assistants and Occupational Therapists/OT Assistants for “Balance Challenges: Progressive Dynamic Treatment Strategies for the Geriatric and Neurologic Populations”; a day of learning and hands-on lab sessions led by Dr. J.J. Mowder-Tinney, a certified clinical specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy. Dr. Mowder-Tinney is one of our great clinical partners  at Gorbel Medical, and her insight and experience has been invaluable in the development of our SafeGait™ family of products.

The objective of the course was to provide attending therapists with awareness on different motor learning theories and how to implement them with varying patient profiles. Attendees practiced new treatment options, discussed  balance impairments and motor learning considerations, got to interact with each other and share experiences from their own practice, and even got to try out our SafeGait 360° Balance and Mobility Trainer® and SafeGait EMBRACE™ Rehabilitation Harness; medical devices that could help many of these therapists to safely increase the challenge and intensity of their treatment of patients with balance and gait impairments.

It wasn’t all about learning, though. It was also about giving. We donated the proceeds from the course to Rochester Adaptive Adventures (RAA). RAA is a local organization whose mission is to ensure access to adaptive sports and inclusive recreation opportunities for people with disabilities. We were thrilled to be able to hand them a check for $4500 to help them further their great work.

It was a great day of learning overall and we learned a lot from all of the enthusiastic participants. We made a commitment last year to advance the field of rehabilitation not only through technology, but in creating a forum for the translation of knowledge from research to practice. This first effort was a big success and we look forward to hosting future classes!

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