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Increase Intensity, Improve Functional Skills and Reduce the Risk of Patient Falls.

As patients with a variety of diagnoses progress in their physical rehabilitation recovery, the risk of injury due to a fall can remain even after they no longer need body-weight support. Therapists are challenged to execute treatment plans that are high intensity while guarding patients and themselves from injury due to a fall. The SafeGait ACTIVE™ Dynamic Mobility Trainer offers an innovative solution that allows patients to safely practice falls management exercises focused on functional strength training, endurance, gait, and compensatory stepping to avoid falling.

Why Settle for a Passive Device When Your Patients Can Be ACTIVE.

Unlike passive or ‘base’ devices that limit travel to the horizontal plane only, SafeGait ACTIVE™ enables multi-directional movement, protecting patients as they practice walking, sitting, floor and stair exercises.

Exclusive Dynamic Fall Protection (DFP) technology distinguishes between a patient’s intentional movement downward, (i.e. to sit) and when a patient is falling so therapists can safely facilitate error. The unique DFP Sensitivity Levels allow therapists to modify fall protection sensitivity to accommodate and challenge patients at varying stages of independence.

The SafeGait ACTIVE Dynamic Mobility Trainer Allows You To:

ACTIVATE YOUR PATIENTS by promoting higher intensity therapy supported by proprietary fall protection technology and unlimited dynamic movement.

INSTILL CONFIDENCE in both the patient and therapist. SafeGait ACTIVE™ provides therapists greater freedom to safely challenge patients during functional mobility tasks. Without fear of falling patients may make faster functional gains as they accept higher level challenges.

PURSUE ACTIVITIES WITHOUT LIMITS associated with patient fall risk or devices that inhibit full dynamic movement. SafeGait ACTIVE™ accommodates a wide range of treatment options that support more productive therapy sessions.

System Highlights

Advanced Engineering

SafeGait ACTIVE™ is designed to give your patients seamless horizontal and vertical movement without the need for adjusting or maneuvering ropes. SMART engineering reduces the inertia created in other systems when the patient makes a quick change in direction. Therapists control fall protection sensitivity to provide greater challenge and accommodate patient needs. Patient- initiated fall recovery is enabled via the constant tension between the paracord and the spreader bar. SafeGait ACTIVE™ is easy to use with no ropes to pull or dodge and no carabiners to adjust.


Proprietary design in multiple customizable configurations: straight, full loop, “U” or “J” shaped. Designed to accommodate facility space and requirements.


A stealth, state-of-the-art fall-protection device designed to provide maximum safety while patients practice ADLs like walking, sit-to-stand and stair exercises

SafeGait Embrace™ Rehabilitation Harness

Connects the patient to the ACTIVE Tram via a spreader bar. Designed for patient comfort, mobility and safety.

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SafeGait is designed, developed and manufactured by Gorbel Medical (a division of Gorbel Inc.). Designed in collaboration with experts in PT and OT, SafeGait is Gorbel Medical’s patented technology that injects innovation into traditional gait and balance therapy. SafeGait’s Integrated Rail System and G-Force® technologies are based on almost 40 years of Gorbel’s patented technologies and innovations in designing, building and installing cranes, custom rails and safety solutions. Gorbel is a global leader in the industrial space and serves a wide range of industries.

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