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"We Improve People's Lives" is the cornerstone in Gorbel Medical's Mission. Improving the safety, efficiency and quality of gait training and balance therapy is our fundamental purpose with each device we design, develop and manufacture. Our best opportunity to meet this objective has always been by working directly with the people we aim to serve; rehabilitation therapists. Whether it is a body-weight support system, a rehabilitation harness or a fall protection mobility trainer, the contributions of therapists are evident in every product in the SafeGait Solutions for Rehabilitation.


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Gorbel at APTA CSM: A Look Back

  • It’s an amazing system. It has really helped me with my balance. It helps me have self-control. The SafeGait system allows me to feel comfortable knowing that I’m not going to fall.

    — Shannon McMannis SafeGait® Patient

Safe and Efficient Rehabilitation

Traditional therapy often requires multiple therapists to safely work with a single patient. With SafeGait, facilities can optimize resources by enabling a safe, 1:1 therapist/patient interaction while minimizing risk of injury.

Reinventing Rehab

Gorbel Medical Expertise

SafeGait’s patented technologies are based on almost 40 years of Gorbel experience in designing, building and installing ergonomic lifting devices, custom rails and fall safety solutions. We are uniquely qualified and prepared to assist you in your project.

About Us

  • The benefits of SafeGait have been immediately apparent in our clinic. Patients and residents, who struggle to walk or are fearful of falling or stopped walking altogether, have begun to see improvements almost instantly. SafeGait allows a new degree of freedom between the therapist and the patient, opening up a larger range of possible activities that can have a direct impact on outcomes.

    — Darren Vogt, PT, MPA Director of Rehabilitation Services – Monroe Community Hospital
  • The features that attracted us to SafeGait were its versatility, the software interface and the methods of quantifying elements of treatment. The patients are going to benefit by being able to move without fear of falling. Therapists are going to be able to deliver truly innovative treatments and researchers will be able to measure treatment intensity and outcomes.

  • Over the past (few) months, I have personally worked with two patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries who (were otherwise unable to walk) outside the parallel bars due to their extreme fall risk. In both cases, the SafeGait provided us with the ability to not only (help them) walk but to walk frequently and for substantial distances. This allowed these patients to make wonderful gains in functional strength, endurance, balance and mobility skills.

  • Never has there been more excitement in the field of neurorehabilitation than the present time. New treatments involving stem cells, nerve stimulation and exoskeletons have brought the dream of walking again to thousands of patients with spinal cord injury. The development of SafeGait (technology) complements perfectly these other advances.

    — Bradford C. Berk, MD, PhD Distinguished University Professor in Medicine, Neurology, Pathology, and Pharmacology & Physiology Director, University of Rochester Neurorestoration Institute, URMC
  • As we expand robotic technology at MossRehab we researched all the available dynamic support track based systems and selected SafeGait. Our selection was based on their solid technical platform and the collaborative and supportive staff. SafeGait has met our goals as a valuable and reliable gait assistance system.

    — Alberto Esquenazi, MD John Otto Haas Chair and Professor Department of PM&R & Chief Medical Officer Director Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory and Regional Amputee Center

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SafeGait is designed, developed and manufactured by Gorbel Medical (a division of Gorbel Inc.). Designed in collaboration with experts in PT and OT, SafeGait is Gorbel Medical’s patented technology that injects innovation into traditional gait and balance therapy. SafeGait’s Integrated Rail System and G-Force® technologies are based on almost 40 years of Gorbel’s patented technologies and innovations in designing, building and installing cranes, custom rails and safety solutions. Gorbel is a global leader in the industrial space and serves a wide range of industries.

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